Delicious Paleo Snacks

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Now I’m in Paleo heaven. Amazed at the rainbow of colors and options all around me.

You see, until recently, junk food, especially snacks, used to be my downfall. When it comes to eating healthy, they’ve been my Achilles heel.

I used to think nothing of polishing off a bag of potato chips or half pint of ice cream. Microwave popcorn?

Now you’ve got my mouth watering.

Having an afternoon snack like an apple or a carrot or some other fruit or nuts? No matter how good for you, it just doesn’t seem to hit the spot.

I start jonesing for Chips Ahoy cookies or Twizzlers or a Snickers bar. Anything sweet. Anything salty. Anything in a box.

Without my go-to snacks, I feel like I’m missing out. I feel like I’m going through withdrawal.

I feel like someone is “punishing me.”

BUT–maybe like you, I’m committed to Paleo. I really am. The benefits are just too good to drop my defenses and go back to standard fare.

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